counter easy hit Råttornas hämnd – Putlocker

Råttornas hämnd (1976)


“The rats ‘ revenge” is based on H.G. Wells ‘ food of the gods “and takes us to a remote island where a couple farmer discovers a mysterious substance that starts to bubble up out of the ground. Convinced that it is a gift from God, they are witnessing how the find, farm animals to grow to frightful proportions. And sure enough, keeping a bunch of giant chickens in chess is, perhaps, no problem, but what happens when the island’s all insects, worms, and-above all-bloodthirsty rats ingesting of food ..?

With over 80 productions is H.G. Wells (1866-1946), one of the most filmed horror writer. Among her successes include Spielberg’s war of the worlds and James Whale’s immortal classic the invisible man.


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