counter easy hit Körsbärsträdgården – Putlocker

Körsbärsträdgården (1970)


The play is about Ranevskaya, an aristocratic Russian and her family who returns to the family mortgaged goods just before it is auctioned off to pay for the loans. The manor is also a big and famous garden with cherry trees. The family gets during the play time an opportunity to save remaining cherry orchard and the estate intact by selling it to a nouveau riche farmer whose father was a former employee of the family. By also marry one of the daughters in the family with the new rich peasant goods can still be held by the family. But Ranevskaya believe to the last that everything will resolve itself without her having to humiliate his aristocratic background by allowing a former subordinates take over her fädernesgods. So ends the play with the family leave the estate while the cherry trees are cut down. The play reflects in miniature the global social changes that came in the early 1900s as the middle class increased status and influence of the aristocracy declined.


Genre Drama, N/A, Swedish,
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