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Futurama (1999)


It all takes place on Earth 1000 years in the future. Describes a future that no one in their wildest imagination could have imagined. Fry is a lost 25-year-old who is budkille in New York. He lives a pretty monotonous and boring life. Accidentally he freezing himself and not thawed up until 1000 years later, in the year 3000. He meets a one-eyed female alien who makes sure that he gets in touch with a new family member and owner of the budbils company with the entire Galaxy. Against her will start to Fry work there and get a colleague, the robot Bender, who had been felprogrammerad and now possesses the human’s worst traits. Just like today, life is about 1000 in a mix of good and bad. Despite pesky aliens, malicious widgets and pesky robots go life’s like walking. The people fighting on with everything that belongs to everyday life. Anything else, which is also just like yesteryear’s traffic problems. Even if the vehicles looks totally different and is no longer dependent on the road network.


Genres Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi,
Rating 8.7/10
Language Engelska
Views 89
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